Medical Cannabis in the Czech Republic – How Much and For How Much?

The discussion about medical cannabis in the Czech Republic is heating up in professional circles as well as among members of general public. A lot has already been said about potential (in)efficiency of cannabis in modern medicine, so let us take a different look at this issue now – what is the real situation in regards to real numbers?

Important Numbers In the New Regulation

The regulation no. 236/2015 from October 2015 allows physicians to prescribe up to 180 grams of cannabis per month to individual patients (increase from 30) and adds new diagnoses and indications that can be treated with medical cannabis.

Number of Patients

KOPAC, Czech Patient Association for Cannabis Treatment, expects there are about 26 000 potential patients in the Czech Republic who could benefit from cannabis treatment.


Imported Dutch cannabis, the only current source, costs around CZK 300 per 1 gram and the vast majority of patients simply cannot afford it. First Czech supplies are supposed to cost about CZK 100/gram, and they were to enter the market by the end of February, however we are still waiting to see the first medical cannabis “made in Czech Republic” in pharmacies.

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