Is the Czech Republic Becoming a Cannabis Research Superpower?

The foundation of International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute (ICCI) in Prague at the end of 2015 confirmed that the Czech Republic is a very cannabis-friendly country not only in terms of popular recreational use, but also in terms of research, health issues and business opportunities.

The Minister of Health, Svatopluk Němeček, pointed out during the opening press conference that the initial investment of more than 20 million dollars (500 million CZK) by an American investment fund Dioscorides Global Holdings is the biggest private involvement in Czech medical system in recent years.

The Institute is going to do research together with reputable Czech (e.g. Charles or Masaryk University) and foreign (e.g. the Hebrew University of Jerusalem) universities as well as private research and pharmaceutical companies in order to set quality standards for cannabis based medicines, create individualized treatment plans and generally help incorporate cannabis into modern medicine.

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