Bob Marley’s Name behind the World’s first Global Cannabis Brand

The fourth most successful musician of all times is now becoming the face of Marley Natural – first global cannabis brand owned and run by cannabis investment company Privateer Holdings.
Their goal is to introduce a set of top quality products tailored specifically for each country and each market according to the legal situation.

If you live in Colorado for example, you should be able to buy Marley Natural herbal cannabis loaded with THC, creams, ointments and edibles, whereas in Texas you may be able to buy only ointments with no THC and legal accessories such as papers, pipes or vaporizers.

Marley Natural in the Czech Republic?

Privateer Holdings is closely watching cannabis markets and related legislation in many European countries as well – including the Czech Republic – so it may not take too long before the Czechs can also buy prime products by Marley Natural and celebrate the king of reggae while using his favorite herb.

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