Canna B2B
Full service on high level

Canna b2b is a full-service agency specializing in product promotion and other services related to hemp and other industries. The team consists of a number of experts with more than a decade of experience in marketing, PR and production.

We take pride in our reputation for being straightforward, fair and having an individual approach to every client. We are well-versed in laws concerning advertizing, marketing and hemp. We are proud of our collaboration with elite hemp and culture brands. On the basis of a thorough analysis of available data, we can accurately understand every customer’s needs and expectations. This nurtures a creative communication, resulting in a service that works.

What we do
Our services

Analyses, Surveys

  • Database administration
  • Measuring campaign results
  • Data connection
  • Consultation, counseling, intermediary services

Brand Management

  • Creating the visual communication of the brand
  • Creating the visual identity of the brand


  • Complete event management (organization, program, technical solutions)
  • Rental of technical equipment and furniture
  • Hiring hostesses and temps

Organization of Trade Fairs

  • Complete preparation of presentations at trade fairs in the Czech Republic and abroad

Personnel Services

  • Database including hundreds of reliable and highly experienced co-workers
  • Specialization on cannabusiness, cultural events and event marketing

Translation Services

  • Translations of world languages – English, German, Spanish, French
  • Revisions and proofreading
  • Proper stylization and formulation of texts with respect to legislative restrictions

Marketing and PR

  • Creating a media strategy, purchasing media space
  • Providing media output and PR
  • Loyalty programs and partnership programs
  • Consumer sales promotion
  • Creating newsletters and banners
  • Managing profiles on social networks
  • Sponsoring

Graphic and Print Production

  • Creative concepts
  • Graphic design, DTP
  • Print production
  • Production from unusual materials
  • Publishing activities

Who is behind it
Our Team

  • Jiří Novák

Jiří Novák

I had been just slacking off, as many others. Then I was offered a first-class opportunity to be in charge of production at music festival… and things got rolling. The contacts snowballed, followed by my first collaboration and then my own projects. A classic story. I had entered a few companies which I left mainly from my own initiative. Why pretend – I am a solitaire. But I’m learning that every job needs a team. I value sincerity and love my family – this matters most to me.

  • Markéta Novák Matějková

Markéta Novák Matějková
PR manager

I have had experience with editorial work since high school when I worked for the regional weekly Region, later Moravskoslezský deník. In the last 8 years, however, I have focused on doing PR. I have experiences from the corporate world, but I appreciate projects that are smaller, but their potential is bigger. I am open to new challenges and prefer an individual and fair approach to affected manners.


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  • Office address

Office address
Canna b2b

Zahradnická 71, Pribram III, CZ 261 01

  • Contacts

Jiří Novák

+420 608 115 146

Anežka Sedláčková

+420 723 803 872,

Company informations: Canna b2b, s.r.o. | Zahradnicka 71, Pribram III, CZ-261 01, ID: 02023024, VAT ID: CZ 02023024